Risheim Consulting


Risheim Consulting work closely with your organization to identify, explore and develop new e-Business opportunities, champion them across any organization, and manage project implementation or scale-up as required.

MAJOR Services:

• Risheim Consulting make early assessment of new business models, services or technology in the marketplace and their value for you as a client.

• Risheim Consulting perform market research and competitive analysis allowing your company to proactively follow-up on potential business opportunities.

• Risheim Consulting work closely with key stakeholders to plan, analyze business requirements, identify issues, find solutions and finally execute the agreed implementation plan within time, quality and budget constraints.

• Risheim Consulting provide regular project status reports and presentations to key stakeholders.

• Risheim Consulting identify key success factors for implementation and document process to further optimize the effective implementation of the concept.

• Risheim Consulting share best practices, learning and knowledge across the organization.

• Risheim Consulting supervise and optimize vendor performance on a regular basis.

• Risheim Consulting drive and evaluate pilot / program performance using key metrics and ROI.

• Risheim Consulting internally champion the concept by using appropriate marketing and communication techniques to achieve successful buy-in and awareness.


MBA with Major in Marketing, Finance and International Business

Languages: English, German and the Scandinavian Languages.


Business Experience:

Experience: Several years’ international project management experience with proven delivery of CRM/Web-related projects.

Experience in the medical/science/pharmacy/healthcare industry. Sound knowledge of business reengineering processes and total quality management. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Analytical orientation with a focus on achievement of the defined business and technical objectives. Experience and strong interest in e-Business, several years experience in an e-Business/new media environment.


Nils Risheim

Tel: +49 611 5000490

Fax: +49 611 509830